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Frequently Asked Questions

My hair is fine and flat and gets greasy quickly, will the oil make it more greasy and flat? 2017-04-28T07:15:06+00:00

No, the oil is formulated to be non-greasy if you apply mainly to the ends/mid-lengths and the excess near the roots it will enhance the natural body of your hair.

Fine hair is usually prone to damage, therefore, the oil will protect and help improve the condition of your hair.

My hair is platinum blonde, will the oil stain or change the colour of my hair? 2017-04-28T07:15:14+00:00

No, it has been designed and tested to be used on any hair colour including the lightest bleach blonde.  In fact, it has amazing results of bleached hair because of the hydration and protection the oil offers.

Does the oil contain silicones? I’ve heard these are bad for the hair. 2017-04-28T07:15:23+00:00

Yes, it does contain carefully selected silicones, these offer heat protection of the hair without weighing the hair down as our silicones are light and non-greasy.  The main silicone is designed to evaporate after delivering nutrients to your hair, the three silicones work in harmony with each other also preserving the oil giving you an impressive 24-month shelf life.

How do I apply the oil? 2017-04-28T07:15:29+00:00

You can apply to your hair when wet, damp or dry, it’s up to you.

  • Apply to wet/damp hair then dry and style.
  • Apply to dry hair before using heated styling tools for heat protection.
  • Apply to dry hair after styling as a non-greasy finishing oil/serum to define your style.
  • Apply to dry/wet hair before going into the sun for UV protection.
  • Add a few drops to your favourite conditioner to make it even better.
  • Apply to dry hair and leave overnight as a treatment then rinse in the morning.
  • Use on dry hair to do a scalp massage.
  • Apply to dry hair as a pre-shampoo treatment.

It’s such a multi use product, the choice is yours.

Can I become a distributor? 2017-04-28T07:15:37+00:00

We are open to discussion, please email us hello@richremy.com

Rich & Famous Hair Oil Treatment 50ml